5 Reasons to do a Fast Lane First Aid Course

1: Acquire essential lifesaving skills that can make a significant difference in emergencies

2: Build your confidence and ability to act quickly and decisively when the pressure is on

3: Learn how to identify hazards and even prevent injury by knowing the risks and what could happen

4: Be more employable in workplaces and careers that require first responder medical skills

5: Prepare for a potential first aid response at home, work, school, public places, or during outdoor activities

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The Australian Resuscitation Council

The Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) is a voluntary coordinating body representing major groups that decide how resuscitation should be taught and practiced.

It aims to be a single voice in both techniques and terminology, and the ARC advice informs all our first aid training courses.

By providing a platform for discussions, encouraging research, and developing best standards for training, they are a wonderful resource to the community.

They focus strongly on the best available scientific data that supports the methods used, and collaborate closely with numerous researchers.

In addition to their focus on treatment options, the ARC also shares advice on workplace injury prevention, so that the need for first aid is reduced.

From their beginnings in October 1975 to the present day, the ARC continue to shape best practice and will keep us offering the very best First Aid Course to you!